The 12 Archetypes of Jung: How to Use Them for Your Brand.

In this article, you will discover what the 12 Jungian archetypes are and how to use them for your brand. Are you ready?

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Have you ever been drawn to a brand that then disappointed you with communication that no longer convinced you?

Unfortunately, this happens when tone of voice and belief system don’t align: it’s indeed crucial for these to go hand in hand to create a clear identity and communicate it consistently to avoid confusing or disappointing users.

Understanding how to communicate one’s identity, sometimes even just finding it for personal branding or company brands, can be challenging.


Here, archetypal branding comes into play.

The psychologist Carl Jung believed that some characters from history are immediately familiar to us because they are part of a collective unconscious that we all share.

These are figures that often repeat in the imagination of films and novels: think of the hero with a difficult past or the helper, the guardian angel ready to lend a hand.

These familiar characters are the so-called Jungian archetypes, which are also inspired in the world of marketing.


How to use archetypal branding in marketing?

The advice is this: try to understand which archetype fits best with your business or brand through the archetype guide. Then refine it to better match your personality and communicate consistently with your character.

Of course, you might feel like you belong to different archetypes: don’t read the guide rigidly, it’s normal not to fully identify with just one archetype.

However, you’ll notice that you resonate more with one of them, so choose that as dominant and then a second archetype that you feel influences you a bit (typically around 20%).

The more spontaneous and consistent you are in your communication, the more your audience, in a sense people who identify with your archetype, will be attracted to you and your content.

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The archetypes are 12:

  1. The Innocent

  2. The Hero

  3. The Caregiver

  4. The Ruler

  5. The Creator

  6. The Sage

  7. The Explorer

  8. The Magician

  9. The Outlaw

  10. The Everyman

  11. The Jester

  12. The Lover

These 12 archetypes are driven by 4 human motivations: stability, independence, change, belonging.

If you want to delve into them to understand which one you identify with, Download our Archetypal Branding Guide for Free!
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