Cos’è la Unique Value Proposition?

What is the Unique Value Proposition?

In this article, we will explore together what the Unique Value Proposition is and why it is essential for your business.

Do you know what your UVP is?

First of all, let’s discover together what the Unique Value Proposition is: it’s a promise to keep, the main reason why a potential customer should buy from you.

It’s the number one reason people will care to read more about your product or press the “buy” button, which is why it’s so important for your business.

In short, the UVP is a clear statement of what you offer.


The characteristics of a successful Unique Value Proposition

So let’s look at the 3 specific characteristics of a successful Unique Value Proposition:


  1. Relevance: it’s tasked with explaining how your product can solve your customers’ problems or improve their situation.
  2. Quantified value: it must offer specific benefits.
  3. Differentiation: it will clearly explain to your ideal customer why they should buy from you and not from the competition.


This value proposition should be the first thing people find on the homepage of your website and should be noticeable in the main points of contact with your audience, so on landing pages and on social media.

And for this reason, it will be important to have a content marketing strategy that enhances it to the fullest.


How do you build a Unique Value Proposition?

Usually, the Unique Value Proposition consists of:

  • a block of text that includes a headline, a subheadline, and a paragraph of 2-3 sentences, possibly with bullet points of product benefits/features)
    an image, which can be a photo, a main image, or a graphic).


A practical example of UVP

Here’s the example of Uber that specifies the simplicity of clicking a button to access the possibility of movement, implicitly communicating the difficulties associated with taxi travel (calling, carrying cash, explaining the route).


We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion

Good things happen when people can move, whenether across town or toward their dreams. Opportunities appear, open up, become reality. What started as a way to tap a button to get a ride has led to billions of moments of human connection as people around the world go all kinds of places in all kinds of ways with the help of our tecnhnology.” 

Actually, there’s no right way to do it, but the important thing is that your Unique Value Proposition has these characteristics:

  • Clarity! It must be easy to understand.
  • Make sure you communicate the concrete results that the customer will get from purchasing and using your products and/or services.
  • It must say how your offer is different or better than the competitor’s.
  • Make sure it avoids hype (like “Never seen before!” or “Incredible miracle product!”), superlatives (“the best”).
  • It can be read and understood in about 5 seconds.

Additionally, in most cases, there’s a difference between the value proposition for your company and your product. Remember to address both.

So what can you do now?


Evaluate your current value proposition by checking if it answers the following questions:

  • What product or service does your company sell?

  • What is the ultimate benefit of using it?

  • Who is your target customer for this product or service?

  • What makes your offer unique and different?

    Use a headline, a paragraph, and possibly bullet points and visual formula to structure your answers.



Do you want to make sure your content reflects your UVP?


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